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Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights
0 1 0 0
Akiireemx340Elder Druid
Ana Abdous1474Druid
Antoniiove2906Elder Druid
Aqui Estoi Yove2243Elite Knight
Arthur Boladaobr948Master Sorcerer
Aviccive3120Royal Paladin
Bass Addictmx3418Master Sorcerer
Biskuitunknown1115Royal Paladin
Bluelabelunknown1501Elder Druid
Bolsomito Brabobr1067Elite Knight
Brandao Terrorbr1055Master Sorcerer
Bst Warve2100Master Sorcerer
Cavazzanibr1202Royal Paladin
Cavazzani Samabr853Elite Knight
Chakive2075Royal Paladin
Conde Draculaunknown121Master Sorcerer
Dancing With Devilbr587Royal Paladin
Diigoo Rpbr1067Royal Paladin
Don Parumx3042Elder Druid
Druida Filho Da Putaunknown1312Elder Druid
Ecivermx3424Elder Druid
El Jefe De Jefesmx1295Elder Druid
Elfobr1059Royal Paladin
Esquisitaobr160Elite Knight
Fabio Rockeirobr2125Elder Druid
Feikoutbr1715Elder Druid
G-a-l-l-e-t-i-c-ave979Master Sorcerer
G-a-t-emx1280Royal Paladin
Galgatrumbr1504Elite Knight
Gorbystyleeu1202Master Sorcerer
Haxukeromx1398Royal Paladin
Hugo Bhozmx3598Elder Druid
Huguito Bhozmx3496Elite Knight
Insane No Mercymx1502Elite Knight
Jesus Salvaunknown173Elder Druid
King Fxve3995Elder Druid
Koioteunknown1532Master Sorcerer
Laskytypa67Elite Knight
Lord Mageszbr292Elder Druid
Lord Sanchezbr1013Elite Knight
Lord Skull Mageve2053Elder Druid
Magezinhuubr2610Master Sorcerer
Maldito Guevove2351Elder Druid
Malevolabr2419Master Sorcerer
Matador De Aluguelbr907Elite Knight
Mataque Eumorrounknown105Royal Paladin
Mate Big Sisbr1280Elder Druid
Mc Dalestebr1855Elder Druid
Mil Graubr1488Elite Knight
Misticaunknown1062Elite Knight
Mutanabr1437Royal Paladin
Nefor Swixunknown1874Master Sorcerer
Never Downbr2248Elder Druid
Ninja Supridove3925Elder Druid
No Ceu Tem Paobr1469Elder Druid
Old Eightbr1220Royal Paladin
Old Schoolbr1700Elder Druid
Palelilolubr1001Royal Paladin
Parumx3028Royal Paladin
Pinceladabr2722Elder Druid
Pipisadasmx3450Royal Paladin
Ragnar Vikingpt1099Master Sorcerer
Rashidbr1315Master Sorcerer
Rickszmx2148Elder Druid
Rocco No Hansmx1924Royal Paladin
Rosame El Pipmx2738Master Sorcerer
Roslhemmx3159Elite Knight
Saca La Motamx2196Royal Paladin
Shooter Skymx3546Royal Paladin
Sienpre Tuve1081Elite Knight
Sir Parumx1757Elite Knight
Skul-mageve1820Elder Druid
Skull-mage-twove1791Elder Druid
Sol Dados Pakistanve1601Royal Paladin
Sou Mulher Simunknown104Elder Druid
Suco De Frutaunknown1400Royal Paladin
Super Saiyajinunknown108Elite Knight
Tacador De Boltunknown1502Royal Paladin
Tamatoaunknown2415Elite Knight
Tanka Firmeunknown1537Elite Knight
Tocatocavaibr854Elite Knight
Totona Ardienteve2100Royal Paladin
Unknownmbr179Master Sorcerer
Vasto Lord Vipunknown103Master Sorcerer
Zulk Demonsbr1607Master Sorcerer

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