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Sorcerers Druids Paladins Knights
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Angeius1064Elite Knight
Aranhaabr5062Royal Paladin
Bem Loko Returnsbr3017Royal Paladin
Boca Eh Pah Cumebr2739Royal Paladin
Caponelunknown823Elite Knight
Capoteisxunknown1248Royal Paladin
Chakall'sbr1802Royal Paladin
Crista De Galobr2827Elder Druid
Druid Netobr4669Elder Druid
Elite Kinahunknown5536Elite Knight
Fofinhabr5007Elder Druid
Heath Cloudbr2152Master Sorcerer
Heath Cloudedus1469Elite Knight
Kharsekkbr6512Elite Knight
King Kongunknown603Elite Knight
Kymuramx4550Master Sorcerer
Lokao De Oxibr3073Royal Paladin
Lost Juniorbr1667Elite Knight
Mata Rindoobr2875Elder Druid
Mattheus Ownsus1447Elite Knight
Oshebr1986Elder Druid
Palla'maconherobr2049Royal Paladin
Papelon Con Limonve2585Elite Knight
Papetbr4664Master Sorcerer
Perigosobr1895Elite Knight
Pracuunknown5338Elite Knight
Rp Cari Carive3838Royal Paladin
Sayko Murderunknown1725Elder Druid
Scarletbr2382Elder Druid
Sinistrounknown655Royal Paladin
Sorcerer Bombado Pahbr6005Master Sorcerer
Tiago Sirius Potterus4036Elder Druid
Tiriricaunknown5508Royal Paladin
Toseyfr862Royal Paladin
Vekyma1064Elder Druid
Wero El Matonmx4490Royal Paladin

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